Project Topographic Supervision

For the Supervision of Construction Projects we have specialized Topography Crews, which are made up of High Precision measurement equipment and a group of Professional Topographers who are qualified and have extensive experience in Earthmoving, Civil and Concrete Works, Mechanical Assembly projects. , tunnels, laying of high tension lines, geometric control of highways, among others.

Project Topographic Supervision

Own Equipment:

  • Leica Trimble 1”, 2” total station.
  • Trimble 1”, 2” total station.
  • Trimble R10 Dual Frequency Differential GPS.
  • Scanner RIEGL VZ-400.
  • GeoSlam.
  • Professional software with manufacturer's licenses.

Our equipment is from the most recognized brands worldwide, such as Leica and Trimble.

Technical office:

Our topography technical office has qualified professionals (3 years of technical academic training) and accredited by Autodesk.

Regards of:

  • Review appraisals generated by the builder.
  • Metered
  • Preparation of topographic plans of weekly and fortnightly advances.
  • Perform three-dimensional modeling.
  • Orthophoto generation.
  • Edition and production of virtual flights.

Constant Professional Technical Advice and Accompaniment in:

  • Interpretation of deliverables.
  • Review of valuations.
  • Conceptual and detailed engineering redesigns according to the Red Line, RFIs and change management approved by the project.
  • Review of construction work procedures, related to project quality assurance and control.
  • Elaboration and audit of traverses and precision levelling.
  • Audit of the contractor's topographic equipment.

Main activities:

Tunnel topographic control: axis, cross sections, advance volume, convergence measurement, precision polygonal.

Topographic control of massive earthworks: Control of platform advances, Delimitation of types of material, Monitoring of DMEs, Monitoring of Quarries.

Civil and concrete works: Topographic control of foundations, foundations and anchor bolts.

Structural works: Verification of alignment, Verticality, Quadratures, High tension towers.

3D surveys - 360 with laser scanner, for BIM modeling.

Construction of high-precision polygonal and geodetic networks for the geometric control of projects.

Mechanical works: mechanical assembly of Ball Mills, SAG mills, primary crusher, conveyor belts, pumps, thickeners, flotation cells, tanks.


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