We carry out LiDAR flights, with a high density of ground points from 1 to 100 per m2, with absolute precision of 5 cm vertically and 5 cm horizontally, with a minimum of field control and for scales less than 2000 without field control, with permanent link to the IGN network and satellite processing. In addition, we incorporate the taking of color and infrared photographs with high spatial resolution from 3cm and 4 integrated bands. On the other hand, it has a stabilized rotation system for a better alignment of photographs and data; and with pulse repetition frequency greater than 2,000kHz.

Own equipment  : Terrain Mapper SN: 91543
Own Aircraft        : Piper Chieftain OB 1967 / Piper Azteca OB 2039
The LiDAR point cloud generated has multiple applications, such as:

Modeling of mining and civil surface.

Inspection and evaluation of overhead and energy transmission lines.

Determinación de volumen de masas.

Urban and rural cadastre.

GIS applications.

Aircraft with autonomy greater than 6 hours for aerial photography work

Sensores LIDAR de alta gama de última generación.

Cámaras métricas RGB, IR y multiespectral.


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