Topography and Geodesy

This service carries out large-scale Topographic Surveys, where the topographic plan of surfaces and/or structures is obtained with high planimetric, altimetric and volumetric precision, for the development of basic engineering, detailed engineering, geological and geophysical studies, geometric design of roads. , tunnels, dams, DMEs.

Likewise, they carry out dam monitoring activities, bathymetric surveying, measurement of drilling collars, 3D scanning of shafts, tunnel chimneys and establishment of geodetic networks by differential method.

Own equipment: World-renowned brands (Leica y Trimble)

Topography and Geodesy

Through our technology and specialized personnel we obtain products with high precision, image quality, speed and security, to meet the requirements and satisfaction of our customers.


  • Surveys of natural lands.
  • Development of basic engineering, conceptual engineering, and detailed engineering.
  • Lifting of drilling collars.
  • Geodetic networks.
  • Rethinking.
  • Monitoring of Dams and Dams

We represent the terrain in 3 dimensions, through measurements with high precision and speed equipment such as:

1 ”total stations.

Long-range Terrestrial Laser Scanner.

Differential GPS and RTK system.

Latest generation software.

RPAS (Drone) with personnel certified by the MTC.

EUSV Apache 4 in hydrographic survey projects.


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