Topography for your projects

Science is made up of different areas, each one in charge of studying the individual and everything that composes and surrounds them. Topography is responsible for the detailed study of the earth's surface, including everything that involves it, such as its forms and details, natural or artificial.

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What is topography?

Topography is responsible for describing in detail the surface of the earth, as well as mountains, valleys, rivers and roads. Without forgetting every detail, it is even in charge of analyzing all those changes that make it up.

In other words, the topography is responsible for capturing the reality displayed in the countryside or the city, of the natural or artificial elements that compose it, representing them with a level of detail according to their scale of representation.

In rural areas, it shows the surface of the land with its elevations. When talking about the urban environment, it describes the existing events in a given place, the walls, buildings, streets, among other objects that complement it.

What is topography for?

Topography is used to transform a certain surface of a terrain to a two-dimensional plane and vice versa. In the case of projects, it is thanks to the application of this branch that many works are materialized.

With the help of topography, the important points of a plan on the ground are marked, allowing the construction of a road, a bridge, a wall, or any work that you want to develop.

Topography with Global Mapping

Our surveyors play a critical role in inspecting the works before, during and after.

When they put their surveying services into practice, they are first in charge of drawing up a plan with the orography of the land and all the natural or artificial elements that make it up. During the work they are in charge of checking that they are being carried out according to what is established in the plans.

After the work, they can help by delimiting and updating their spaces with the respective measurements and elements that occupy them.

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Topographic analysis

Carrying out a topographic analysis is essential in different situations and fields of professional action. This is because they are an important part of the expert reports that they request in sales transactions, expropriations and cadastral updates.

With the topographic analysis of Global Mapping you will be able to determine the exact location and the measurement on any type of terrain.

They are also of the utmost importance in the realization of any building work, including their field of study includes those archaeological projects. Where knowledge is applied to have precise information on the dimension and the elements that can be found in a deposit.


In other words, we can say that the topographic analysis is carried out to study a terrain and obtain descriptive and quantitative information. With the intention of executing on this a plan that accurately reflects the elements and parameters of the terrain on which we want to act.

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