Topographic survey

For the execution and start-up of a project, the first phase of the technical and descriptive study of a terrain is known as a topographic survey. With this, performing a detailed and objective analysis of a surface.

With this information you can define whether or not it will be worthwhile to implement the structure or building you want to build. At the same time, it is also useful for the creation of maps or specific plans of a certain place and as a support for other engineering disciplines.

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What is topographic survey?

A topographic survey is a collection of data that is carried out with the intention of reflecting in detail relevant information of a terrain. That is, taking into account the physical, geographical and geological characteristics.

The Global Mapping team also considers existing faults in the terrain naturally, or those that have been generated by human intervention. In the latter, quarries, excavations, DEMs, among others, are taken into account.

An analysis of this type is vital for the execution of a project, because it is a tool that allows defining whether the commissioning of a building on certain lands is feasible or not.

In the same way, this topography is usually the whole spine guide to be used in a construction, thanks to its examination and the collection of data or objects so complete from a land surface.

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Importance of topographic analysis

This tool is very important mainly for carrying out construction work. This topographic study report created with precision and detail to a terrain, serves to establish the points and marks that will function as a guide. They also work to define the height between various points taking the horizontal plane as a reference.

It is also important to use the topographic survey service with the intention of delimiting land, marking the boundaries of a plot, among other aspects. In the same way, it describes the reliefs or differences in height that may exist on said surface.

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Models Types of topographic surveys

The topographic survey, as we already know, is a tool that is used as a planning instrument for countless constructions. However, its implementation is not limited only in this use.

In Global Mapping we carry out 2 types, we are based on 3 topographic survey models. The choice of one or the other will depend on the conditions of each of the plots:

  1. Cadastral surveys

This type of survey is used to obtain a measurement of the limits of the land used. Here the extension, the value and the property are specified for its cadastral use.

  1. Survey of plans

The cadastral topographic surveys, whether urban or rural, are those that are carried out on land or properties belonging to municipalities, which means that with these a greater precision in measurement is required.

  1. Topographic surveys for engineering projects

Another use for these analyzes is as a guide to laying the groundwork for an engineering project. Above all, in those related to the construction of infrastructures.


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